Definition of ICT

The World Bank defines Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) as the hardware, software, networks, and media for the collection, storage, processing, transmission and presentation of information (voice, data, text, images), as well as related services.

Program Goal

Upon completing the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) program, I will have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to further my career in Information Management.  To achieve this I must thoroughly understand the related technologies and how to best plan, design, implement and operate them.  My ultimate goal is to provide communication solutions that drive and shape the productivity of a large and operationally diverse user base.


My name is Chad Lensert and I live in Waunakee, Wisconsin with my wife and two children.  I graduated from UW Madison in 2000 with a Bachelors of Science in Consumer Science.  During my last semester of college I was hired as a system administrator for a small e-commerce company based on technology I had learned mostly as a hobby.  Once I realized how much I enjoyed working with technology I made it my career focus.  After leaving that company, I was a network engineer and network manager for the Wisconsin Army National Guard until 2008 when I left the service.  Currently, I work at CDW in Madison, Wisconsin as a Unified Communications Supervisor.  I began the Masters of Science in ICT in September 2010 and plan on completing the program in May 2012. 


When I'm not hammering away at a computer terminal or studying for a certification I love spending time outdoors with my family.  I enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, boating and snowshoeing.