Program Reflection

    Upon embarking on my journey to obtain my Masters in Information and Communication Technology, I created program goals.  These goals provided me direction and focus while completing the individual courses and assignments.  Due to the flexibility of student centered learning, I was able to overlay my goals with the coursework and customize my educational experience.  I continued to learn about new technologies and trends and I was able to apply that knowledge to my goals, which provided me with relevant skills as I progress in my career.

I will have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to

further my career in information management.


    When I began the ICT program, I had almost ten years of experience working with technology.  The positions I had were very technology specific, mostly dealing with network and security related disciplines.  I embraced the technology and enjoyed how I was able to solve problems using logic, listening and communication.  I also had an interest in furthering my career outside of just the ones and zeroes of technology.  I knew that I would need additional education and training in order to help me expand.  The artifacts and discussions I participated in during the ICT program helped me step outside of my engineering role and look at the bigger picture.  I feel much more comfortable discussing technology trends and how they affect others than just myself.  The ICT program allowed me to take a more macro view of technology, which will help me further my career as I continue working with technology.

I will understand technologies and how to

best plan, design, implement and operate them.


    While broadening my understanding of technology, I was able to focus specifically on networking technologies and I did deepen my understanding of them while in the ICT program.  Prior to enrolling in the ICT program, I obtained the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Certification.  This certification validates the knowledge needed to plan, design, implement and operate enterprise networks.  During the course of my work, however, the certification was set to expire.  I had considered not recertifying, as my responsibilities do not currently require it.  Ultimately, I decided to recertify and took additional exams focusing on new content areas I did not currently know.  I also created artifacts that researched new technologies such as Telepresence that I did not know about.  By combining my previous experience with new technologies I learned in the program, I feel that I am better suited to provide network solutions than I was previously.  The experience of the ICT program has given me a better-rounded view of technology.

I will provide communication solutions that drive and shape

the productivity of a large and operationally diverse user base.


    The major concern I had about my skills and experience prior to starting the ICT program was that I did not have a “big picture” view about technology.  While I had spent several years working with technology, I was so focused on specifics that I was not confident in my ability to understand larger issues outside of my area of knowledge.  As an engineer, people look to me for answers.  While I could provide detailed answers and recommendations, they were not considerate of the various factors that compose an operationally diverse user base.  The ICT program helped me shift the emphasis off my personal considerations and focus on the global considerations of technology.  This is not only understanding technology, but also the social, psychological, historical, multicultural and political considerations.  By understanding that technology has ramifications in all of these areas and more, I now have a much more critical eye when it comes to leveraging technology.


    In summary, the key thing I have learned during my time in the ICT program is that technology can have a substantial impact on all levels.  There are personal, organizational, social and global repercussions as they relate to technology.  There is often not a quick or easy solution and by haphazardly adopting or retiring technology, there can be drastic effects, both positive and negative.  On every level, it is important to understand how technology can improve our quality of life.  Technology is a piece of our lives and it should complement the other facets of it.  The ICT program has given me the confidence and motivation to continue my technology career and I look forward to the challenges ahead.